University of Saskatchewan

EXAFSPAK is a suite of XAS data analysis programs developed by Dr. G. N. George of SSRL. Features include a degree of automation, an efficient curve-fitting algorithm using analytically calculated derivatives (allowing more rapid convergence to the best-fit than with numerically calculated ones). Other features include the ability to link different variables together in the curve-fitting process, and the availability of search routines and best-integer fitting functionality. The curve-fitter can utilize the ab initio multiple scattering code FEFF.

The EXAFSPAK programs use character-cell based menus, running from a terminal environment. A variety of graphical outputs is supported - X Windows, ReGIS, Tektronix (both 10 and 12 bit), HPGL, PostScript (PS), and encapsulated PostScript (EPS). Programs for producing publication quality figures are part of the package.

EXAFSPAK is written predominantly in FORTRAN, with smaller sections in C.

Versions are currently available for Open VMS(both VAX and Alpha), for Tru64 UNIX (Alpha), for Linux, and for Windows.

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